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Who Am I? 

Fiona Potter, MBA, CPF 

Fiona brings 25 years of experience facilitating business strategy sessions for public, private and not-for-profit organizations in Canada and the US.  A professional speaker and communications coach, Fiona has delivered a Tedx on "The Future of Youth Communication" and authored a book on public speaking skills for today's youth called Rock the Talk.

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Areas of FOCUS


A facilitator helps a group of people in a business reach a successful outcome or decision for which everyone will buy-in.


Facilitation sessions are customized to client  needs  and can include everything from Business Strategy , Problem Solving to Brainstorming "possibilities."  

Communication Coaching

One-on-one and group presentation coaching helps speakers design and deliver information with ferocious confidence.  

Youth Programming

Rock the Talk sessions include, presentation skills, interview preparation, and competition coaching. 

 Video Production

Video  includes script and storyboard development, shot selection, talent prep and production.  


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