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Team Building

“Coming together is a beginning.

Keeping together is progress.  

Working together is success.”


Henry Ford


Team Meeting

 Team building grows trust, mitigates conflict, and encourages communication. Sharing experiences, collaborating on common goals, and having fun helps build relationships.
Taking time to strengthen relationships is good for business culture and the bottom line. Below are some of our most popular team builders! 



Popular Team Builders


Learn Your True Color


Ever wonder why you ‘click’ with some people and don’t speak the same language with others? 

TrueColorsTM is an assessment tool that identifies personality and communication preferences using four color labels.  This interactive workshop helps participants learn their True Color, while promoting a greater understanding and appreciation for others.

Sessions are 1.5H-2H


What's Your Super Power?

This activity explores individual  talents (or super powers) and reinforces team members through positive affirmations. Knowing super powers allows the team to leverage and further develop these skills. Creating time to honor and value the skills is a great team building exercise. 

Sessions are 1.0H-1.5H


Create a Team Vision Board

Vision boards help clarify big goals. Creating a board helps participants bring intentions to life and explore...“what is possible?”

 The board visually depict future plans (most people are visually driving). Mental practices, like visualization, can increase motivation, confidence, and even performance.


Sessions are 1.5-2.5H 

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